Why You Don’t Need Aerobics To Stay Healthy

By Victor Anya

Many uninformed folks think it is by enrolling in an aerobics class where they listen to certain music and adhere to rules and regulations before they can do certain exercises in order to keep fit and stay healthy. Many people spend huge sums of money enrolling in aerobics classes just because they want to engage in some exercises. In most cases, the working class people who registered for aerobic classes don’t even have the time to attend such classes because of their work schedules which take the whole week days. The truth is that you do not need to register in an aerobics class before you can exercise such as jumping.

Aerobics is very good but you can keep fit and stay healthy as a fiddle if only you can spare a few minutes every day to have a few jumps  in your bedroom, parlour, kitchen or while taking your bath in the bathroom. Jumping as an exercise doesn’t need rigid rule and regulations before it can be carried out. The reason is because it can be done at any time within the confine of your home or compound. For instance, you can jump for about 20 minutes immediately you wake from sleep in the morning especially on weekends when you will not need to rush out of your home for work or place of business. Likewise, while you are watching the television in your parlour, you can as well do some jumping exercises for about ten minutes.

 With this, you are using one stone to kill two birds at the same time. A good jumping exercise can also take place in the kitchen as you are doing your cooking. As you are awaiting your food to get cooked on fire, you can seize the opportunity to take some jumps right there in your kitchen. The bathroom is another great venue for a jumping exercise. Before you take that bath, you can take 400 jumps by lifting each leg from the ground at a time or lifting both legs at the same time. How do you arrive at 400 jumps? You can do so by counting each leg you lift from the ground at a time or counting each time you lift both legs from the ground. It is not compulsory that you must jump 400 times before you can achieve maximum but that is just a guide. If you can just 200, 300 or 400 times each time you take your bath will help you a great deal.

The reason why exercise is very good especially jumping is because in today’s modern world, a lot of people perform sedentary works. This is so because many people spend large portion of their days sitting behind a desk working with computer and spend many hours indoors sitting. According to the National Human Activity Pattern Survey (NHAPS) commissioned by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), most people spent at least 93 percent of their time indoors or in the car. Global studies show people are sitting at least 7.7 hours each day, on average, and sit as much as 15 hours a day. Most Americans have to sit all day at work, but a new survey commissioned by Egotron found that 70 percent of people dislike sitting all day when they do get up at work, 56 percent use getting food as an excuse. According to this survey, Americans were sitting an average of 13 hours each day. Since modern working system demands long sitting with aggravated side effects, a study by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), found that jumping on a mini-trampoline or rebounder for less than 20 minutes was as good as running, less stressful on your joints, and may even be more fun. Since sedentary work is injurious to those who engaged in such jobs.

What are the health benefits of jumping? Do you need to jump just for the sack of jumping or are there some health benefits in jumping?  According to health professionals, only 10 minutes of jumping can help burn 100 calories which allows blood to flow freely within the body and prevents cardiovascular disease. As excess fats are shed during jumping, diabetes which is developed due to excess fats is usually prevented. Jumping helps to prevent obesity as excess fat that causes obesity is shed while the jumping exercise is ongoing. Jumping helps to relief neck, back, waist, headaches other body pains. It prevents arthritis and promotes good sleep quality.

The aforesaid are some of the health benefits of jumping. And since various researches have revealed that a good number of people across the world do sedentary jobs which are a high risk factor for poor health and premature death. It is most essential that everyone should embrace jumping which can be done anytime, anywhere without being compelled by circumstance to register with aerobic classes in order to take some exercises.

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